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Harpy Reverof

She started out in the school band playing the clarinet, as time went on in 1997 she joined Carrion Nights as there bassist when there bassist and her fellow XES member Angelus left...but before that year was up Angelus came back and she moved to keyboards and she's been there for her entire time in Carrion Nights. She also plays the drums and put most of the samples in to there songs



Angelus Reverof

He started out in Hastic Dreaming when Carrion Nights guitarist and vocalist Slit Bathory went to a show and talk him into joining. He been in the band for eight years singing and playing the bass. He has left that band to do others like Shallow Graves and to go back to Hastic Dreaming, but he always believes Carrion Nights is his home, but in 2002 he and fellow Carrion Nights member Harpy Reverof started XES with former members Bones Reverof (brother) and Zodiac (good friend). Since then they have just worked on and off with XES, but it is still very alive.


They started out in 2002 with Zodiac, Angelus, Harpy, and Bones Reverof making remix' of a number of songs and artists ranging from The Beatles and Motley Crue. Making mix' of Helter Skelter, Too Young To Fall In Love, and Eleanor Rigby. We have had guest appearance by Slit Bathory, Roach Reverof. From the day they started, they kept a steady beat within the band. Keeping that same classic beat to nost of the song, but also making there own renditions of some classics such as Girls, Girls, Girls, and Black Birds. But along with cover songs they have there own like "Inner Demons" and "Angels & Demons". Even with Bones and Zodiac gone Harpy and Angelus keep XES alive making new and better song as they go on, having even guests from Reopened Scars, Incubate and .R.A.G.E.